General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR)

General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR)


Nearly one year later since the introduction of the  General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR), consumers are definitely seeing a lot more pop-up privacy notices online thanks to GDPR.  But fines are being enforced as most organizations don’t go far enough to secure consumers’ data – and more often than not, checking a box is not enough to comply with the regulations.

Consumers have never been more aware and concerned about how their personal data may be used and GDPR gave individuals in the EU much greater control over their data, including the right to demand that companies reveal how their data is being used, and to ask corporations to destroy their data.   

Companies need to be particularly aware of new rights for consumers and notification requirements as these types of regulated responsibilities are not just limited to Europe.  U.S. financial institutions, governments, healthcare and hospital delivery systems, or any enterprise that provides a service whereby personal data is processed, are also impacted by GDPR requirements.



A secure end-to-end encryption management solution that is uncomplicated, scalable and easily applied enterprise-wide.  The Certes Layer 4 solution encrypts data in transit and secures critical applications without having to move, replace or disrupt their network infrastructure with no burden on the network or staff.


The Certes Layer 4 solution encrypts data in transit regardless of application or network, ensuring that important data reaches its destination and is only visible by those who need to see it.


CryptoFlow® Net Creator software is our centralized key management system that provides full control over your security posture.  A simple GUI enables easy generation and deployment of policies and key rotation at intervals you select.  The Certes centralized key management system was designed to minimize the risk of breaches while providing the ability to react quickly to reduce losses.

An encryption solution that is simple, scalable and uncomplicated.

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