Internet Protocol (IP) Encryption Made Easy

Certes Networks’ IP encryption solutions ensure data protection over any IP infrastructure or topology, including full mesh, hub and spoke, and point-to-point networks, without affecting the user experience or network performance. Powered by Certes TrustNet Manager™, a web-based management platform that simplifies security management networks administrators can protect data while preserving network performance and functionality, and visibility. Our IP encryption solutions range from 3Mbps to 10Gbps and provide FIPS validated, AES 256 bit encryption without requiring you to upgrade or change your existing infrastructure.

TrustNet protects data over any IP infrastructure, including full mesh, hub and spoke, and point-to-point networks, Unlike IPSec VPNs, TrustNet preserves all IP routes and subnets, and is compatible with QoS , load balancing and highly available network architectures.

IP Encryption: Full Mesh and Hub-and-Spoke

IP Full Mesh and Hub and Spoke Encryption
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With TrustNet, you can protect full mesh, hub and spoke, or any other network topology.
Whether you need to protect a single link, or your entire network, we eliminate the complexity of encrypting today's networks. Our solutions combine TrustNet and Variable Speed Encryptors (VSEs), with our standards-based, wire-speed encryption appliances for the highest level of data protection at the lowest total cost.

You also get a wide array of security options, including the ability to:
  • Group endpoints together for ease of configuration and scalability
  • Protect any-to-any communications without impacting application performance
  • Encrypt based on MPLS tags
  • Secure multicast application traffic
  • Whether you need to protect data on an MPLS network or secure all IP traffic, including broadcast and multicast frames, you can do it with TrustNet and still maintain your network and application performance.

    IP Encryption: Point-to-Point

    Point-to-Point Encryption
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    Point-to-Point Encryption over an IP network
    If you need to secure links between a few LANs, buildings, or remote locations, the VSEs are a simple and affordable solution. These hardware accelerated encryption appliances provide high speed, low-latency data protection from 3Mbps to 10Gbps.

    The VSEs are:
  • Quick to install and easy to manage - Install quickly and are ready to use in minutes
  • Transparent to your network - No architecture changes or router upgrades needed
  • Wire-speed - Provide full duplex wire-speed encryption
  • Low latency - Will not disrupt any latency-sensitive applications such as VoIP
  • Learn more about IP Encryption

    To see just how easy it can be to encrypt your IP network, contact us at 1-888-833-1142 or feel free to ask us a question.

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