Certes Networks Expands Industry's Broadest Network Encryption Portfolio with New Cost Effective, Environmentally Hardened Encryption Appliance

CEP5 LC meets cost, performance, environmental and small form factor needs of customers requiring government grade security at remote and branch offices

Pittsburgh, PA, May 15, 2012 Certes Networks, an innovative developer of scalable network and cloud encryption solutions, today announced the introduction of their newest encryption appliance, the CEP5 LC. Developed for organizations requiring secure traffic flows to remote locations, the CEP5 LC provides affordable and centrally managed encryption and is ideal for networks with large numbers of branch offices, ATMs, kiosks, gas pumps, Smart Grid infrastructure devices or other applications where data protection is needed at the edge of the network.

The CEP5 was designed to protect branch offices, as well as critical control and data acquisition infrastructure that comprise the network edge. The CEP5 LC features a wide operating temperature range that spans from -40° C up to +65° C, which makes it ideal for enclosed outdoor cabinets deployed at the edges of control networks. The CEP5 LC's small size (approximately the size of a one inch thick postcard), allows it to fit into tight spaces. Combined with central management via Certes TrustNet Manager and group keying, the CEP5 is ideally suited to protect large edge networks using government-grade encryption and authentication.

In keeping with the existing portfolio of Certes Networks encryption devices and cloud security products, the CEP5 LC provides tunnel-less data protection, including Ethernet frame encryption for Layer 2 networks, IP packet encryption for Layer 3 networks, and Layer 4 data payload encryption for IP and MPLS networks. The CEP5 LC offers full-duplex encryption at speeds up to 5 Mbps using the AES-256 algorithm to prevent unauthorized access to data or control commands, as well as persistent authentication to prevent unauthorized or manipulated traffic from reaching application servers or controllers.

The CEP5 LC also includes an integrated Ethernet switch, allowing the appliance to switch traffic locally while encrypting traffic to and from the wide area network. This reduces costs by avoiding the need to deploy additional Ethernet switches and consolidating equipment at the network edge.

"The CEP5 LC is the result of listening to our customers when they told us they wanted an affordable solution for encryption at the edge of the network that could fit into tight spaces, work at extreme temperatures, and be centrally managed without the need to deploy an additional Ethernet switch at the network edge," said Thomas Gill, CEO of Certes Networks. "Fully interoperable with our industry recognized Policy and Key Management system and our existing family of network and cloud security products, the CEP5 LC can be seamlessly integrated into any infrastructure allowing organizations to protect data across their entire network regardless of scale, scope or technology."

To learn more about the CEP5 LC encryptor or for pricing information, contact us at 1-888-833-1142 or feel free to ask us a question.

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